7 Amazing Features In Office 365 That May Not Be Know To You

Most of us might have heard of Office 365 , but only few people know what it actually is. So to explain briefly, Microsoft has introduced a cloud version of the Office, known as Office 365, that can be subscribed by paying a specific amount of money either monthly or annually.

It is a cloud software that can be installed on a PC, to provide its user with everything best of all world. It keeps on providing additional features and automatically updates it with payments.


The best new things that Office 365 offers are:

1. Multiple people can edit the document at same time: Everyone on the Microsoft cloud can edit a document at the same time whether it’s a word document, Power Point presentation or an excel file. Changes can be viewed along with the editing process. It can result in easy piling on and working at once can be accomplished.

2. Skype with co-workers while working on a document: Microsoft is soon rolling out a feature that can let you click a “Chat” button to start chatting with everyone working on a document over Skype. Even if the document is left by anyone, he can then also be able to continue the conversation via Skype on any accessible device including smart phone. This feature can help people talk to the team as they apply changes.

3. Link files, don’t attach them: In business edition of Office 365, there’s a trick embedded for sharing a file. Simply, upload it to cloud storage. Fire up the cloud version of Outlook and send a link of the file on cloud, instead of attaching it. In simple words, upload file to office cloud and it can be accessed by anyone just by the link you provided. Outlook automatically grants edit permission to the people you are emailing which is a unique feature of Microsoft.

4. Use multiple Microsoft cloud storage accounts on Android phone: A One Drive app has been created by Microsoft for the android users all over. This app can let its users use both corporate Microsoft cloud storage i.e. One Drive for Business, and personal Microsoft cloud storage i.e. One Drive and that too from a single application.

5. Convert notes into calendar items: One Note is a note making tool used by Microsoft Outlook. A to-do list can easily be turned into tasks with deadlines and reminder on calendar. Meeting details such as date, location, topic and attendees etc can be automatically added to the calendar.

office-365-powerpoint-dog6. Convert scribbles to text and drawings: Handwritten notes can be scribbled into One Note through a device that supports electronic ink. One Note sorts by guessing which lines belong together. If its unable to guess correctly, then a tool named Lasso is used. Lasso can change the scribbles into regular text and numbers.

7. Inbox can de-clutter itself: Microsoft is soon tying with Google to offer machine learning technology that can surface important emails from spam world on cloud. It is going to roll out its version called Clutter that takes all rules to set up an inbox for you. It will automatically move less important messages into the Clutter to be able to read at less priority level.

These were the few amazing features that are offered by Microsoft Office 365 . Cloud Sharp is a leading company that offers digital solutions related to MS Azure, Office 365, Sharepoint and IT private cloud services in Canada.


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